Secure Connection Solutions

We have successfully completed our product development period for our latest security project. The security system based on the biometric identification is called Secure Connection Solutions, it is a joint development of the OTT-ONE group and its strategic partner, iSRV Zrt.
These products allow high-security communication, both in voice and video communication and in secure file transfer. The products are specially crafted, fully customized hardware and software elements, and provide the ability for specific user circles to use unique encryption solutions.

This, as well as the massive growth in the world’s security market, reinforces the group’s commitment to continuously develop this line of business in the future. The Company is convinced that the demand for the most up-to-date biometric identification technologies is constantly increasing. With this in mind, the Company intends to place even greater emphasis on the international sales of its security solutions and the search for foreign partners in the next period.