OTT-ONE has sold its online education solution for more than EUR 1 million

OTT-ONE has sold its online education solution to another foreign customer. Under the terms of the agreement, the company will provide more than EUR 1 million worth online distance learning and remote work systems to the customer.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, certain global lifestyle trends – the spread of home office and online education – have accelerated further, therefore there has been more interest than usually in OTT-ONE’s developments in the areas of streaming and online education since the beginning of the unusual situation. As the effects of the pandemic are expected to be present in the long run, these business lines and developments of the company will continue to be part of the core activity.

The OnlineLearningPlatform (OLP) is an innovative, streaming-based educational framework, which combines the features of digital training systems and various online communication platforms, while it provides a significantly higher level of data security than other market-based solutions. Thus, in addition to general e-learning goals, it can also be used in the field of special coaching activities and corporate training.

Distance learning at the Budapest Institute of Banking with the online learning platform of OTT-ONE

OTT-ONE has signed a cooperation agreement with the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB), according to which the online education platform developed by OTT-ONE will enable remote students to participate in the online courses organized by BIB. The most important elements of the agreement, valid until January 1, 2021, are a high degree of data security in addition to providing live video interactive connectivity and other related features.

BIB, a wholly-owned educational subsidiary of the Budapest Stock Exchange, has a unique educational activity that provides its partners with a professional education program that covers the entire financial and economic field in addition to the capital market topic. Under the collaboration, BIB will be able to provide the opportunity of online participation for students who connect remotely with a high degree of protection, thanks to the OTT-ONE online education platform system.

In the current global context, there is a gradually growing demand for solutions that enable online education. The online learning platform developed by OTT-ONE provides a significantly higher level of data security compared to market-based, foreign-operated solutions, thus it can play an important role in the communication and internal education of Hungarian and international companies in the upcoming period.