Two solutions of OTT-ONE are included among the most interesting Hungarian innovations

The 2020 edition of “100 Hungarian Inventions and Developments” has been published, which presents the Hungarian innovations, inventions and developments of the recent period. The publication also includes two solutions developed in a partnership between OTT-ONE Plc. and iSRV Zrt., the OnlineLearningPlatform (OLP) online education framework and the Encrypted SSD, which provides military-level encryption.

The OnlineLearningPlatform (OLP) is a streaming-based educational framework that combines the features of digital training systems and various online communication platforms. The system can also be used for general e-learning purposes, so it provides distance learning in primary, secondary or higher education, and can also be used by private schools and language schools. In addition, the system enables the digitization of special coaching activities, and can also be used in the field of corporate training.

The system is also able to support telemedicine-type solutions, online doctor-patient or doctor-doctor professional consultations, second-hand opinions, and even remote diagnosis in an innovative way. OLP, in support of the HR field, even solves the knowledge-based pre-screening of the recruitment and selection process, supported by professional and competency tests in a simple, traceable and retrievable way at any time.

The Encrypted SSD product line, currently under development, covers external SSD-based storage devices with hardware encryption that meets unique government and military requirements. OTT-ONE Plc. and iSRV Zrt. provided the self-developed control electronics with external intrusion protection solutions, which automatically destroy their encryption keys in the event of external intervention or attack, thus ensuring the protection of the stored data. Access to device data requires high-security biometric identification, which can be accomplished using an existing biometric module in the user’s phone.