Research of OTT-ONE shares launches as part of the BSE market development program

OTT-ONE Plc. has joined the market development program offered by the Budapest Stock Exchange, within the framework of which MKB Bank Plc. will prepare research of the company shares regularly. The aim of the independent research done under the program is to strengthen investor confidence and to increase trading activity for shares with small and medium capitalization. In the wake of joining the program, OTT-ONE will also prepare quarterly reports in addition to the semi-annual reports.

OTT-ONE Plc., listed in the Standard category of the stock exchange has officially joined the market development program offered by the BSE, which now includes 15 issuers. MKB Bank will be the exclusive stock analyst of OTT-ONE, and it will regularly publish research on the company’s securities within the framework of the program. Furthermore, the program includes an increase in the frequency of reports prepared by the company: in addition to the semi-annual reports, quarterly reports will also be published by OTT-ONE.

The investment provider has recently published its initiation report on OTT-ONE, which compared to the current exchange rate, set a higher target price of HUF 296, with a 75% of revaluation potential. Balázs Rácz, capital markets analyst at MKB Bank, emphasized in the report that the company’s activities are based on the innovative IT solutions that provide high added value, and can serve as a suitable basis for further dynamic growth. The capital markets analyst added that as a result of the long-term cooperation agreements, OTT-ONE can further increase the proportion of recurring, regular sources of revenue.

In the first year of the program, launched in 2017 by BSE, the turnover of the securities of the participating companies increased by 19 percent in total compared to the same period of the previous year, in contrast to the expansion of the total market which was 2.4 percent for the same period. Last year, the BSE expanded the list of companies that could be researched in the program with shares of new issuers, including the shares of OTT-ONE: the stock exchange selected issuers based on their size, free float and liquidity to the program, which aims to increase the supply of information and to support the share turnover and liquidity.

The research may further strengthen the company’s presence on the capital market as well as strengthen investor confidence. Joining the program will also help make OTT-ONE even more visible to institutional investors.

The initiation report on OTT-ONE Plc. and the latest research will be available on the website of Budapest Stock Exchange and on the investor page of the OTT-ONE website in the future.