Our new development: Mobile Bio ID

Our company has successfully closed the product development period of its latest security project. The Mobile Bio ID security system based on biometric identification is a joint development of the OTT-ONE group and its strategic partner iSRV Zrt.

This product group enables high-quality personal identification in the field. Suitable for register and identify people in the field, and verify permission of persons. It can be used in construction industry, mining industry, in the energy sector, and in other industrial fields, as well as to fulfill military, border police and other security needs.

Areas of use:

  • construction industry
  • chemical industry
  • energy industry
  • food industry
  • logistics
  • mining
  • disaster recovery
  • police identification points
  • military checkpoints
  • security of sports and other events (like concerts)
  • border protection
  • banking security sector
  • health emergencies

Our special, innovative tool is a two-part, portable device. One tool is a server solution with a mobile vein scanner. We can access this through the second device, an industry-standard, portable computer that we have developed. You can also control the scanner from iOS, Android and other camera-enabled mobile devices with advanced browsers.

Main technical features:

  • biometrical registration of persons in the field
  • biometric identification of persons in the field
  • can be mounted on a DIN standard wall mount
  • suitable for wireless control of digital relays allowing access control systems to be managed
  • the scanner can work with iOS and Android-based wireless devices, both of which can manage the full functionality of the scanner
  • working offline and online
  • working wired up and wireless
  • functioning in wet, dirty environment