OTT-ONE provides online educational solutions for HUF 150 million

OTT-ONE has signed an agreement with a Croatian client for the production and sale of an online learning system for approximately HUF 150 million.

The demand from various industries for the rapid implementation of systems and solutions enabling distance education and remote working is on the constant rise. Based on the expertise of OTT-ONE, these demands will further increase by the emergence of global extraordinary conditions. It is expected that in the next period, the market interest in these services will increase in Hungary and on an international scale as well. Due to the extensive research and development process behind the online education platform solution and the diverse experience in the field, OTT-ONE is able to meet the emerging needs of the clients in a short time.

The online education solution provided by OTT-ONE will be introduced to several market participants in the upcoming period – the company has already been approached by various associations who are interested in the product.

The online education platform is an innovative development that is becoming a must for more and more companies and educational institutions utilizing distance education. The system offered by OTT-ONE provides a niche solution, especially in the current state of global emergency, which requires a seamless transition to online learning plaftorms.