Online learning

Enjoyable and efficient online learning. Counselling on training methodhology and digital pedagogy


Our company has joined the process of development of the online learning platform that was initially developed by our partner, iSRV Zrt. The system available at is supported by our own server park of over 800 computers. As we have recognized that the need for online education is an essential requirement in organizations, as well as for students and employees, we created a modular online training system that can be completely customized, an therefore provides a solution for this demanding issue. We offer not only a system but also consulting and support in order to ensure efficient business for our customers and at the same time a great experience for users.

Corporate knowledge development with our online platform can make knowledge management more efficient for small businesses as well as for multinational corporations in terms of methodology and cost-effectiveness. As a related service, we provide content creation and support of digital training methodology in order to integrate our solution completely into the organization. In addition to the educational solutions, a closed platform for managers or group meetings is also available with maximum IT security.

For educational and training institutions: we offer a wide range of opportunities in terms of digitalization of courses for language schools and universities. We provide consultancy in this sector as well since our experts have established experiences in this field with references from domestic and international projects.  Our video streaming system provides a framework for online coaching, consulting and private lessons.

Healthcare: some of our main projects include credit scoring courses and medical knowledge sharing through video streaming. Our online educational platform provides a wide range of opportunities for knowledge development, networking or even digitalized special medical care.

Counseling and technical Support – Some of the key areas of our consulting and operating support:

  • General System Application (All of our customers)
  • Online pedagogy (primarily for educational institutions)
  • Digital training methodology (recommended mainly in the business segment)
  • HR and pedagogical insights for experience-based learning (both for businesses and educational institutions)
  • Defining an organizational knowledge map that is ideal for developing HR profiles and identifying training needs (for businesses)
  • Methodologies to improve efficiency (showing the company’s benefits to the customer)
  • The integration of the system is managed by our IT professionals in cooperations with our customers, who can require technical and educational support after the implementation
  • We produce content on demand or provide support and consulting on content creation
  • Video studio

Although studio work is not a criteria for creating video content that can be used on the platform, in our professional studio, our customers can create their own video content that we support in terms of technical implementation.