Security systems

Software Security Technology

Development of IT solutions that use PKI technology, consulting, operation.

Our goal is to save costs and increase efficiency for our Clients with our innovative IT solutions.

Our solutions cover the following areas:
  • digital signature authentication and control
  • remote authentication with vane scanner
  • manual signature on an electronic document
  • long-term authenticity preservation

Hardware security technology

Access control systems

  • turnstile access: the classical entry type used in office buildings
  • Integrated access with door opening: can be used for authorization within buildings
  • mobile access control terminal: used at transitional locations, extensions, events
  • Integrated working time recording system
  • Integrated ticketing system
It is always possible to have more access points, and to select by entry groups and access levels.

Identification procedures

The HW solutions developed by us can be integrated with the following identification procedures:

  • vein scanner
  • IRIS scanner
  • RFID
  • fingerprint reading

Biometric identification

Our company offers for its customers biometric solutions with the highest level of security, including the vein scanner technology and its full infrastructure.

Communication solutions

The SecConsol product embodies the secure communication link between two endpoints. The design of the device keeps its data completely secure, and the communication (video, voice chat, file transfer) is protected by a vein scanner authentication key.