The lines of business

Whether we are talking about video streaming, security technology or E-sports, when we were selecting and developing our lines of business we always took into consideration the market potential, the potential for innovation and the synergies with our already existing businesses.


Our streaming business provides turnkey solutions from video-on-demand to live TV service. With our apps, you can make your service available on almost any platform within 90 days.


We are constantly looking for the technological areas and market opportunities where we see long-term development opportunities, challenges and potential. Since 2016, we are involved internationally in the gaming industry and within that in E-sport.

Security systems

Our security department provides complex solutions for medium and large size businesses, with these you do not need to replace your existing systems and are virtually compatible with the full range of tools currently used.
Online oktatás

Online learning

With our online learning platform, we create new dimensions of individual and group knowledge development, as our revolutionary solution offers cost-effective learning and customized system, as well as complex counseling for educational institutions, the corporate segment and to health professionals.