Two solutions of OTT-ONE are included among the most interesting Hungarian innovations

The 2020 edition of “100 Hungarian Inventions and Developments” has been published, which presents the Hungarian innovations, inventions and developments of the recent period. The publication also includes two solutions developed in a partnership between OTT-ONE Plc. and iSRV Zrt., the OnlineLearningPlatform (OLP) online education framework and the Encrypted SSD, which provides military-level encryption.

The OnlineLearningPlatform (OLP) is a streaming-based educational framework that combines the features of digital training systems and various online communication platforms. The system can also be used for general e-learning purposes, so it provides distance learning in primary, secondary or higher education, and can also be used by private schools and language schools. In addition, the system enables the digitization of special coaching activities, and can also be used in the field of corporate training.

The system is also able to support telemedicine-type solutions, online doctor-patient or doctor-doctor professional consultations, second-hand opinions, and even remote diagnosis in an innovative way. OLP, in support of the HR field, even solves the knowledge-based pre-screening of the recruitment and selection process, supported by professional and competency tests in a simple, traceable and retrievable way at any time.

The Encrypted SSD product line, currently under development, covers external SSD-based storage devices with hardware encryption that meets unique government and military requirements. OTT-ONE Plc. and iSRV Zrt. provided the self-developed control electronics with external intrusion protection solutions, which automatically destroy their encryption keys in the event of external intervention or attack, thus ensuring the protection of the stored data. Access to device data requires high-security biometric identification, which can be accomplished using an existing biometric module in the user’s phone.

OTT-ONE is looking for specialists in medical equipment maintenance!

OTT-ONE Plc. is looking for engineers and technicians for the regular maintenance and the official technical service provision of hundreds of SH 300 quality ventilators and their related accessories recently distributed by the company, for the long term.

The ideal candidates are professionals with significant experience in the installation and maintenance of medical equipment. The work would primarily take place in Hungary and may also include the provision of planned services in the surrounding countries.

You can apply for the position at!

The Chengdu subsidiary of one of China’s largest telecommunications companies has also joined the Hits4Export cluster co-founded by OTT-ONE

The Chengdu subsidiary of China Unicom has joined the Hungarian IT Solutions for Export (Hits4Export) cluster, established last autumn with the aim of making the international expansion of Hungarian companies with innovative information technology products and services more efficient. The formation of the IT export support cluster was initiated last November by OTT-ONE’s strategic partner, iSRV Zrt., while OTT-ONE itself joined the cluster as a co-founder.

The Hits4Export cluster, founded last November, has reached an important milestone: the list of members has been expanded with the Chengdu subsidiary of China Unicom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in China. The common goal of the domestic and international members participating in the cluster is to develop innovative solutions that can be widely used in Hungary and the region, including the utilization of 5G technology (such as electronic distance learning systems), the defense against the coronavirus epidemic, and the pursuit of Smart City.

OTT-ONE donates thousands of protective masks to Hungarian medical universities

In view of the extraordinary epidemic situation, OTT-ONE Plc. donated thousands of protective masks to, among others, the four medical universities of Hungary. With the respiratory protective masks ordered from its own resources, OTT-ONE intends to contribute to the protection against coronavirus during the pandemic. 

OTT-ONE has recently donated thousands of high-quality, European-certified protective masks to Hungarian medical universities, such as Semmelweis University in Budapest, the University of Debrecen, the University of Szeged, the University of Pécs, as well as the Bács-Kiskun County Municipality.

Moreover, the listed company has handed over hundreds of protective masks not only to the above-mentioned organizations, but also to employees and partners of the company in recent days.

OTT-ONE is one of the few companies that has a Chinese license to obtain the necessary equipment in China and to import those to Hungary. The aim of the company is to take part in the fight against the epidemic as much as possible and to support the institutions that work every day to stop the spread of the virus.

OTT-ONE is constantly working to contribute to the care and prevention processes with its network of contacts and a broad portfolio of services during the pandemic. In addition to protective masks, the company has recently committed to procuring hundreds of ventilators and related accessories, such as drug dispensers, monitoring equipment and breathing circuits, from China to serve orders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the National Healthcare Services Center.

Handing over protective masks to the University of Pécs (left to right): dr. Zsolt Nemeskéri, President of the Supervisory and Audit Committee of OTT-ONE, Bálint Májer, CEO of OTT-ONE, dr. Erika Rauth, Chief Physician of the Hospital Hygiene Service of the PTE Clinical Center, dr. Andor Sebestyén, President of the PTE Clinical Center

Instead of shaking hands, Bálint Májer, CEO of OTT-ONE, greeted the Vice-Rector of Semmelweis University, dr. Attila Szabó with an elbow bump

Handover of masks in Debrecen to Mária Gál, Vice President of Nursing and Professional Development of the University of Debrecen

Bálint Májer, CEO of OTT-ONE, personally delivered the protective masks to Szeged

Tibor Farkas (left), Member of Supervisory and Audit Committee of OTT-ONE, handed over protective masks to László Rideg, President of the Bács-Kiskun County Assembly

The respiratory masks ordered from the company’s own resources

OTT-ONE to order hundreds of new ventilators and millions of masks from China

OTT-ONE has signed a contract for the China-based production and delivery to Hungary of hundreds of ventilators and millions of masks used for the protection against coronavirus. The total value of the order placed by the National Healthcare Services Center (ÁEEK) is HUF 7.7 billion, of which professional ventilators, related accessories and protective masks with European certification will be provided by the listed company. The devices will be ready by 31 May at the latest. The customer pays the purchase price in full in advance.

OTT-ONE has entered into another high-value business agreement to meet the needs arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. This time, the listed company, which focuses on innovative information technology solutions, will acquire hundreds of ventilators and related accessories (including drug dispensers, monitoring equipment and breathing circuits), and millions of masks on behalf of the National Healthcare Services Center (ÁEEK) with a total value of HUF 7.7 billion. The Chinese partner of OTT-ONE will manufacture devices for the control of the coronavirus epidemic by 31 May at the latest. ÁEEK pays the purchase price in full in advance, immediately after the signing of the agreement.

Known primarily for its video streaming, security and online education solutions, OTT-ONE has already reported on developments in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in recent weeks. On 26 March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade ordered 500 ventilators worth HUF 4.7 billion, and Duna Aszfalt Kft. purchased 100,000 masks on 27 March through the company’s international relations for HUF 130 million. By 2 April, OTT-ONE and its Chinese partner were among the first to successfully complete the Chinese General Administration of Customs’ reviews of the manufacture and export of medical devices, based on significantly tightened export requirements, creating additional business opportunities for the company.

Both the ventilators ordered by OTT-ONE in March and the most recently purchased ventilators fully comply with the strict quality requirements enacted by the People’s Republic of China on 1 April 2020. The masks ordered from China are also high-quality equipments with European certification.

Over the past year, OTT-ONE has placed great emphasis on building business relationships with China, which it can successfully capitalize on and build on in the current epidemic situation. The company is constantly working to receive and fulfill additional orders based on good relations and experience, which represent a major value for both Hungarian healthcare and shareholders.

After a successful 2019, OTT-ONE might launch further innovative solutions

The Board of Directors of OTT-ONE Plc. approved the agenda included in the previously published notice of the General Meeting, including the company’s business report for 2019, based on which the company’s revenue exceeded HUF 2.8 billion last year and its net profit was more than HUF 204 million. The Board of Directors and the Supervisory and Audit Committees of the company also strengthened with new experts, and they also decided on the subjects of dividends and the purchasing of treasury shares.

Pursuant to a government decree that entered into force on 10 April 2020, the Board of Directors of OTT-ONE Plc. held its annual general meeting in an emergency procedure necessitated by the current epidemiological situation. Accordingly, the Board of Directors of OTT-ONE approved the company’s report for the 2019 business year, according to which the company achieved sales revenue of more than HUF 2.8 billion and EBITDA of HUF 309.2 million, which is almost 70 percent higher than the balance sheet of the previous year. Company EBITDA also increased from HUF 309.2 million to HUF 446.6 million.

The Board of Directors also decided on the issue of dividend payments, based on which – similarly to the practice of previous years, and due to the current economic environment – the company intends to use its 2019 profit to finance investments necessary for growth. A decision was also made in the issue of purchasing treasury shares, in connection with which the Board of Directors of the company was once again authorized to purchase treasury shares in the future.

A new member, Dr. Péter Pozsgay, a lawyer and economist, has been nominated to the company’s Board of Directors, who has been serving as a legal representative for OTT-ONE in the past years. The company has also expanded its Supervisory and Audit Committee with two specialists: dr. Réka Szabó-Kovács, a lawyer, was elected at the extraordinary general meeting of OTT-ONE held at the end of March, and the company’s Board of Directors decided on the appointment of Tibor Norbert Farkas today. He has been working as a business consultant since 2004 and has been involved in foreign market development since 2010, especially in Russia, China and the United Arab Emirates.

OTT-ONE intends to continue its dynamic growth in the coming years, and its core strategy remains to develop and sell high value-added, innovative solutions, technologies, and to explore related markets and provide services. OTT-ONE’s future focus include areas with high business potential, such as image recognition algorithms, machine learning solutions and special AI technologies, and SmartCity technologies. In addition, OTT-ONE’s strategy focuses on the company’s own development online education platform, as well as more traditional industrial solutions and activities.

Another main goal of the company is to successfully complete the public capital market transaction in 2020, which, in addition to supporting the company’s growth plans, would also provide the possibility to reclassify OTT-ONE Plc. into the Premium Category of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

Although OTT-ONE had a successful 2019, the beginning of 2020 – despite the current global crisis –also delivered outstanding performance: through its extensive business network, the company signed a contract for the manufacturing and shipping of hundreds of ventilators, and the online education platform of the company also manages to make a contribution to distance learning and teleworking in many sectors. While it is unpredictable what this year has in store for the economy, OTT-ONE strives to ensure a continuous and dynamic growth trajectory and to increase shareholder value.

Distance learning at the Budapest Institute of Banking with the online learning platform of OTT-ONE

OTT-ONE has signed a cooperation agreement with the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB), according to which the online education platform developed by OTT-ONE will enable remote students to participate in the online courses organized by BIB. The most important elements of the agreement, valid until January 1, 2021, are a high degree of data security in addition to providing live video interactive connectivity and other related features.

BIB, a wholly-owned educational subsidiary of the Budapest Stock Exchange, has a unique educational activity that provides its partners with a professional education program that covers the entire financial and economic field in addition to the capital market topic. Under the collaboration, BIB will be able to provide the opportunity of online participation for students who connect remotely with a high degree of protection, thanks to the OTT-ONE online education platform system.

In the current global context, there is a gradually growing demand for solutions that enable online education. The online learning platform developed by OTT-ONE provides a significantly higher level of data security compared to market-based, foreign-operated solutions, thus it can play an important role in the communication and internal education of Hungarian and international companies in the upcoming period.

OTT-ONE achieved nearly HUF 3 billion in annual turnover in 2019

OTT-ONE Plc. successfully concluded the year 2019 with more than HUF 2.8 billion in annual turnover, an increase of over HUF 1.1 billion compared to the financial results of the previous year. The net profit of the company for 2019 was approximately HUF 204 million.

OTT-ONE Plc. has published its profit and loss account and balance sheet for the year 2019, based on which the company’s revenue exceeded HUF 2.8 billion last year and its net profit was more than HUF 204 million. Accumulated revenue of the company was more than HUF 1.1 billion higher compared to 2018 financial results. Following the trends from previous years, OTT-ONE intends to use its 2019 earnings to finance investments needed for further growth, and to put its after-tax profit into retained earnings.

In 2019, OTT-ONE has entered into many new contracts, further strengthening its market position. In addition to various security solutions, the company has focused on developing solutions based on artificial intelligence. As a result, OTT-ONE was able to, among other things, embark on a special R&D project for the detection of surface anomalies based on AI worth nearly HUF 700 million in 2020, for which OTT-ONE received a grant of nearly HUF 365 million. Online education, which draws heavily on the experience gained in the streaming business, was also in the company’s focus in 2019.

OTT-ONE also signed the largest contract ever for its operation: in 2019 it received an order of approximately HUF 2 billion to implement innovative IT and information security technology developments for a Hungarian customer. Another milestone in 2019 was the completion of preparatory work on a HUF 1 billion server investment in November. Fully self-funded server capacity not only supports the company in serving its existing customers at a high level but also creates brand new opportunities for the company.

Last year was also decisive for the company’s presence in the capital market: last spring the company’s shares were moved from the Budapest Stock Exchange’s T Market to the Standard Category and in the autumn it was included in the stock exchange index basket of mid- and low-market companies, BUMIX. In 2019, OTT-ONE also initiated preparations for a public capital market transaction to provide the funding needed for further growth.

OTT-ONE introduced innovative solutions in many new areas last year, further paving the way for market and customer growth. The company intends to stay on the path of growth, thus the company is constantly looking at the most appropriate sources of funding. OTT-ONE is active in industries with untapped potential, and the company expects to continue to grow.

OTT-ONE provides online educational solutions for HUF 150 million

OTT-ONE has signed an agreement with a Croatian client for the production and sale of an online learning system for approximately HUF 150 million.

The demand from various industries for the rapid implementation of systems and solutions enabling distance education and remote working is on the constant rise. Based on the expertise of OTT-ONE, these demands will further increase by the emergence of global extraordinary conditions. It is expected that in the next period, the market interest in these services will increase in Hungary and on an international scale as well. Due to the extensive research and development process behind the online education platform solution and the diverse experience in the field, OTT-ONE is able to meet the emerging needs of the clients in a short time.

The online education solution provided by OTT-ONE will be introduced to several market participants in the upcoming period – the company has already been approached by various associations who are interested in the product.

The online education platform is an innovative development that is becoming a must for more and more companies and educational institutions utilizing distance education. The system offered by OTT-ONE provides a niche solution, especially in the current state of global emergency, which requires a seamless transition to online learning plaftorms.

Telenor MyTV, developed and operated by OTT-ONE, continues to expand

Telenor MyTV, developed and operated by OTT-ONE, is going to expand its channel portfolio with Spíler 2 HD, a channel of TV2 Group portfolio, and Spíler Extra, an application developed by OTT-ONE, as agreed between TV2 Group and Telenor.

The strategic cooperation between OTT-ONE and TV2 Group from 2018 and the operation of Telenor MyTV from Spring 2016 has deepened the expertise, and strengthened the market position of OTT-ONE. The Spíler Extra video streaming service could come into existence as a result of this cooperation, assuring the access to Spíler 1 and Spíler 2 channels via smart devices.

As a result of these agreements, OTT-ONE could gain international experience in developing complex video systems and in operating server capabilities supporting video services. These competencies are highly important for the the strategically significant e-learning business of the company, as well.

The announcement of the cooperation is of paramount importance to our company, as it brings OTT-ONE’s developments to an even wider range of users.