Our E-sport activities

Business counsel

We provide high-level support for our partners, we seek and represent investment opportunities. We provide help with legal representation and incubation for our clients: E-sport players, multigamer teams, coaches, managers, team owners, commentators, fans.


We organize training sessions based on international standards for players, commentators. We help the professional advancement of developers who want to exploit their skills in the game development market.

Organizing events

Planning and organizing E-sport and gaming events, searching for sponsors, brand representation.
Organizing international roadshows.

Expert commentating

Thanks to our European “talent pool”, we organize E-sport events in many different languages. Thanks to our mobile E-sport studio operator partner, we are able to conduct mediations across Europe.

Exponentially growing industry

We are constantly looking for those technological areas and market opportunities where we see long-term development opportunities, challenges and potential.

This is why we started to deal with E-sport in early 2016. We see that electronic sports – the competitive video game industry has already reached a maturity stage in Hungary, so it is worth to pay attention and build business on it.

In March 2016 with one of our biggest partners, Telenor Hungary we organized and conducted a then very unique E-sport championship, the Telenor MyTV League of Legends Cup. The number of applicants exceeded our expectations, the live programs were broadcasted featuring Hungary’s most well-known E-sport experts, exclusively on MyTV’s free gaming pop-up channel. We reached a new viewers record within the platform. Hundreds of fans gathered to cheer for their favorite team or to express their appreciation to the winners at the event’s viewing party and at the awards ceremony.

From here on there was no question for us to build a competency to be able to create even bigger projects.

Professional competence

Today an expert team is supporting our work, which has been dealing with E-sport from content creator or business development side for more than ten years.

Our goal is to create one of the largest and most well-known E-sport business networks in Central and Eastern Europe with professionals or teams, who would help us to organize world-class competitions, events, leagues and would produce high-quality, live online content.

So we expand our technology solutions and competencies with an area synergistically integrating into our portfolio to provide professional support for the largest market players in order to reach the widest possible audience through electronic sports.

Additional services

Digital marketing

Live stream

Producing online content

Media monitoring and production